The Company

Giorgi Marmi is a company that operates in the stone industry, present in Carrara for over 30 years. The quality and experience of the owner, and the motivation of the young staff find a perfect combination for any type of service and supply. We start with the selection of blocks, directly from quarries all over the world, to satisfy any type of market and, thanks to the new processing techniques, we can have marble slabs, onyx granite and travertine in our showroom in Marina di Carrara , with attention to the smallest details, ready to be used in your projects. We have always worked in relation to requests coming from Italy and abroad, and we are constantly looking for new collaborations to offer our quality, ready to face any project with the usual professionalism that has always distinguished us.

Welcome to our Showroom

In our showroom located in Marina di Carrara, you can find slabs of marble, onyx granite and travertine, treated in detail, ready to be used in your projects.